Clamp loader

Con il termine DNA clamp o sliding clamp, vengono identificate una serie di proteine che. Le proteine scorrevoli vengono associate ai rispettivi filamenti di DNA da proteine specializzate denominate sliding clamp loaders, le quali sono . The activity of the clamp loader requires ATP hydrolysis to close the clamp .

A short overview of how DNA polymerase is locks onto DNA via the clamp and clamp loader. Passa a Structural features of clamp loaders – Clamp loaders are molecular machines that catalyze the physical reaction of assembling clamps on DNA. Clamp loaders are pentameric ATPases of the AAA+ family that operate to ensure processive DNA replication.

Medical definition for the term ‘clamp-loader’.

A multiprotein complex that catalyzes the assembly of circular sliding clamps on DNA to enable processive DNA . The Escherichia coli DNA polymerase III gamma complex clamp loader assembles the ring-shaped beta sliding clamp onto DNA.

Sliding clamps slide along DNA strands and keep DNA polymerase on track during replication. Complex of a clamp loader (blue), an open sliding clamp (green), . SXJ: Structural analysis of a eukaryotic sliding DNA clamp-clamp loader complex. Processive chromosomal replication relies on sliding DNA clamps, which are loaded onto DNA by pentameric clamp loader complexes belonging to the AAA+ . The γ subunits harbor functional ATP- . The eukaryotic clamp loader assembly, RFC, consists of five subunits and forms a stable ATP-dependent complex with the eukaryotic sliding . The sliding-clamp protein is loaded onto DNA by a multiprotein clamp-loader complex that opens and reseals the clamp at the primer–template junction in an . ATP binding leads to conformational change that allows clamp binding and opening ATPATP ATP ADP ADP ADP end of primer enters clamp loader ATP . Clamp loaders are so called for their action in loading ring-shaped sliding clamps onto DNA (see Fig.

1a). Sliding clamps encircle DNA and slide along the . PCNA-interacting proteins, its associated clamp loader RFC (replication factor C), and related clamps and clamp loaders.