Jiffy dos

JiffyDOS is a Disk Operating System (DOS) enhancement which gives your C-or C-1the disk access speed it has always needed. Ho intenzione di montare il jiffydos sul mio c4c. Quale Jiffydos Acquistaredic 2014Qual è Il Miglior Kernel Dos?

The software is programmed onto ROM chips that replace the Kernal . Info on how to install JiffyDos on a Commodore 6 and what kind of loading improvements you are you likely. Speed comparison of the standard Commodore kernal ROM versus the JiffyDOS. JiffyDOS is an enhanced Disk Operating System (DOS) for Commodore C-6.

DOS ROM in your disk drive, JiffyDOS provides the spee . Well tonight, I thought, I’ve got a bit of free time to install the first of two JiffyDOS roms for my Commodore 64’s. The first, would be installed in my . JiffyDOS ist ein serielles Schnellladesystem der Firma Creative Micro Designs, das von Mark Fellows 19entwickelt wurde und die . I’m installing (actually a friend is) Jiffy Dos in my 15and Cand in the manual it shows that a switch be installed in the 15and the C64. Why does it seem that virtually nobody on this forum (other than maybe Hurminator) uses, or ever mentions, S-JiffyDOS drive ROM?

I have just bought a 1541-II (not delivered yet) and have downloaded the jiffyDOS zip file from wiskow’s site. To decrease the loading times of the few 5. I still own, I had to modify this drive with a JiffyDOS kernal ROM which I got from .

I did some experimenting with it on how to make the best use of it if the nicely accompanying JiffyDOS is not present. The C64C was an update to the Cthat brought a more modern . This is a quick guide that will outline what you need to do in order to install JiffyDOS v6. C-1(the D model requires a different procedure). See Tweets about #jiffydos on Twitter.

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