Omeps silo trailers

Service for tank trucks and in 19started constructing silo-trailers and tanks in light alloy for the shipment of products in bulk and . In this plant we produce all types of self supporting and tipping silos and rigid silo tanks and trailers for the transport of powders.

OMEPS are pleased to announce an agreement to work together with Tankquip to re-establish the OMEPS brand in . Feldbinder Cement Silo semi trailer 48.

Omeps Semi trailer CR 4, Truck Trailer, Italy, OMEPS. The CM from OMEPS is a non tipping silo semi-trailer. It has a horizontal pressure tank and is made of peraluman 45R construction. Cisterne silo OMEPS, annunci di vendita di cisterne silo OMEPS usate e altre macchine — Autoline Italia. Omeps Semi Trailer Cr Adr , Find Complete Details about Omeps Semi Trailer Cr Adr,Tipping Silo Trailers from -O.

OMEPS Srl – TIPPING SILO TRAILERS Photo Gallery Multimedia I US G L RO CZ SK SCG BG RUS. It has a horizontal pressure tank and is . S srl is one of the significant constructors of silo trailers in light alloy for the transport of bulk powder products. When in 19he decided to start the construction of silo-trailers and tanks in light alloy suitable for the road haulage of bulk and powdered products the . Używana ciężarówka do silosów, res.

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