Metal auger

The Metal Auger mod increases Puncture by 0. Metal Auger increases Punch Through for Rifles. Notes This mod allows weapons to punch. Metal Auger (MA) and Shred are Rare Rifle mods for increasing (primarily) punch-through.

MA gives only punch through, while Shred provides both punch . Selling streamline, metal auger and sniper ammo mutation. Did a wee searcheroo on it, as I noticed it didn’t .

Metal Auger – Players helping Playerspostdic 2014Metal Auger Mo Remarks Please. Metal Auger Too Expensive – Weaponspostnov 2013What Good Is Metal Auger Mod For? Basicly you can ignore enemy shields or ignore that they hide . I checked the page and all it says that is it is a Spy 2. Metal Auger is not that ba I had thought 0.