Van veen grab

The Van Veen Grab Sampler is an instrument to sample sediment in water environments. Usually it is a clamshell bucket made out of stainless steel. The Van Veen grab is made of AISI 3stainless steel and the surface is electro.

The grab itself is manufactured from mm plate (2cm²), mm for 10cm² . Demonstration of the van Veen grab. The mode of operation of all Van Veen grabs is the same. To keep the hook in the right position the Van Veen grab should be sunk at a .

The easily operated Van Veen Grab for the collection of sediment samples is available in a variety of sizes including 0. The Multisampler can only be used for the top metre of sediment. The cutting head can easily be exchanged with one which contains a check valve to prevent . The Van Veen grab is not suitable. A Van Veen grab is an instrument to sample (disturbed) sediment up to a depth of cm in the seafloor. While letting the instrument down on the seafloor, .